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Outlined below are answers to some common questions about SiteCare.

What do we offer?

SiteCare offers website hosting and unlimited website updates carried out within 24 hours. We are so confident you will love our service that there are no long term contracts, so you can take your site elsewhere at any time - along with any updates we have made to the site!

Initial Website Relocation

So that we service your site efficiently, we will set up your site on our servers, plus, if warranted, we will provide you with a report with recommendations on any major design flaws. These recommendations are intended solely to improve the usability of your website, not subjective graphic design elements. The aim is to ensure that visitors to your site can view it quickly and easily. If there is significant work involved there may be an additional fee. However, in most cases this has not been required.

During the relocation phase, we also:

  • Check that all photos have been optimized for the web. This is the main reason many sites take a long time to download.
  • Make sure the site has correct page titles, meta-tags (keywords & description) and a readable (in hypertext) navigation bar to allow searchbots to crawl your site.
  • We also connect Google Webmaster Tools to monitor the health of your site and ensure it appears in the search results. However, on-going management of your Google rankings (called SEO) is an additional service.

How we care for your site

Once your site is set-up, you can advise us of changes to your site at any time.

Updates are easy. Just send your changes to us via email, fax or post. Unlimited changes to content is what SiteCare is all about!

If you have sensitive or bulky material to send us, contact us and we will arrange for a courier to pick up your material and return it when the job is done - AT NO COST TO YOU. For important update material, we offer a FREE COURIER SERVICE AUSTRALIA-WIDE.


With SiteCare, The LAD will provide:

  • unlimited updates to the content of your website whenever you wish (conditions apply)
  • cloud email hosting (with virus and spam protection and mobile-sync)
  • cloud website hosting

...and so provides everything a business needs to outsource an existing business website.

What does it cost?

Sitecare Relocation: $330 incl. GST (once-off)
Monthly fee : $79.75 incl. GST (incl updates, hosting & email)

(Just a minute! Did you get that!! The monthly fee includes both HOSTING and UPDATES. Do you know of any other package like that?)

There are no other charges for our stanard package. These charges are for sites with up to 10 pages and 20 images. Larger sites will be quoted on an individual basis.

The SiteCare package is very flexible. Additional pages and images can be added as required.

If more than 10 pages & 20 images are required in the initial design, each additional page is $132.00 (once-off) and each additional image is $16.50 (once-off).

If an unusually large change (or update) is required to a website - and it would need to be quite time consuming to us to charge - we would quote the work on $132 incl. GST per hour.

Who owns the site?

While your business retains ownership of the site at all times, we transfer the site to our servers at the commencement of the service and, if necessary, customize the construction of the site to allow us to update it efficiently.

Because the site is hosted on our servers, The LAD is responsible for the computer side of things and any stock photography used in updates. However, the company is responsible for the accuracy of the content. While we will update any site as directed, we only do so on the company's behalf so you need to be as careful with what you say on your website as you would be with any other published marketing material.

If, at any stage, you decide to discontinue SiteCare and want to take your site elsewhere, we will provide a copy of the current site on CD (i.e. includes all the alterations we have made to date) along with the source files for photos etc. This feature is great for you because it means while you retain the ultimate in hosting flexibility we have to work hard to keep you happy with our service so you will stay with us!

Are unlimited updates too good to be true?

We offer unlimited "reasonable" updates on our basic package of up to 10 pages and up to 20 photos. By "reasonable" updates we mean changes that could be considered maintenance of the website...and we will happily do them whenever you need them.

In other words, replacement of photos, announcement of a monthly special, stocktake sale or an initiative to add value for customers e.g. a hints page. We are trying to make it easy and economical for you to proactively use your website as a marketing tool.

It does not cover the addition of a large number of new pages, setting up or changing a large photo gallery (over and above the initial 20 photos) or a redesign of the look and feel of the site. Those activities would normally be charged according to the time taken or by fixed quote at the outset.

By "unlimited" we mean we will do them whenever you want them. If you changed some prices today and had to change some again tomorrow, no problem. If someone wanted changes every day ... we do have a problem!

Our clients understand we can only offer this service for a fixed price if we all use our commonsense!

Updates are easy. Just send your changes to us via email, fax or post. Unlimited changes to content is what SiteCare is all about!

If you have sensitive or bulky material to send us, contact us and we will arrange a courier service to pick up your material and return it when the job is done - AT NO COST TO YOU. For important update material, we offer a


The advantages of the update service for our clients are:

  • No Content Management Systems (CMS) to learn
  • No software programs to purchase
  • No salaries or design fees to pay
  • No experience necessary

How do I arrange a site update?

The easiest way to request a change to your website is to send us an email. Simply note the text changes and attach any images you would like added.

What if you need to send us some brochures or other printed material?

Sending material to us couldn't be easier! There's no need to go to the post office - simply send us an email or give us a call on 1300 843 523 and we'll arrange for a courier to pick up the package from your premises... and we'll pay the courier charges!


Once the material has been added to the site and you're happy with the result, we'll also return it to you by courier.

We are happy to take phone calls to discuss changes, but ask that you confirm the changes by some other medium. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and places less reliance on memories.

Under some circumstances it may be possible to arrange a visit by a consultant to discuss changes. A minimum call-out fee of $165 applies.

We place a high priority on updates and halt other work if necessary. Your update will be online within 24 hrs. When it is done, we send you a confirming email. If you don't receive that email within 24 hrs you should ring us. It may mean we never received your original request.

Can I update the site myself?

Are you thinking of a Content Management System (CMS)? Learn why CMS are not such a good idea.

In any case, why would you want to update the site yourself? Your time is money ... and the monthly service fee covers the costs of US doing your updates.

Because we update sites every day, we can do it more efficiently than someone who only uses the programmes occasionally.

"But I want the changes done quickly" . . .

To give you confidence to use our update service, we promise to get the update done within 24 hrs. Usually it is within 1/2 a day of receiving the update if it is not too large. If it is more urgent than that, let us know and we will do it immediately.

Outsource with The LAD and focus on your business.

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