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We can develop applications to suit your business requirements.

Improve productivity with a custom web application.

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Over 15 years experience developing in:
HTML/XHTML, PHP, JavaScript & Ajax

Besides generating new customers, your website can also be used to increase productivity by streamlining administration processes and making it easier for people to do business with you. For example, if customers regularly call to enquire about the progress of a project or to obtain copies of certain forms, why not connect a ‘client login section’? Your clients could then login any time to view or download the information they’re after. Overtime, the savings in admin costs and the increase of the productivity of your staff can be substantial.

Our Approach to Web Development

Website development requires a very different skill-set to web design. Typically, 'web development' is seen to focus on functionality and 'web design' on the aesthetics and user interface of a site. We often come across businesses with systems that were developed by ‘programmers only’, without due attention to the marketing and aesthetics of the site.

Our approach to web development is to integrate these two aspects to ensure your application is not only functional, but is also user-friendly and looks great! The structure and layout of each application is planned in detail before programming commences. This ensures the finished application will be usable and meets the client’s exact requirements.

Having been developing custom online applications since 1999, our team of inhouse programmers have the expertise to plan and develop an application to suit your requirements.

Examples include:

  • Database development
  • Member and client login systems
  • Customer management systems
  • Calendars
  • Custom eCommerce and ordering systems
  • Online surveys
  • Content Management Systems for shopping carts and product databases.

We primarily develop applications using HTML/XHTML, PHP, JavaScript & Ajax.

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