Advertise to website visitors who didn't purchase.

Convert window shoppers into customers ...

with targeted remarketing.

Remarketing Melbourne
Campaign Set-up: $660 (once-off)
Monthly Management: From $99 + "advertising budget"

Consider that over 95% of visitors will typically leave your website without purchasing. It makes sense to reach out to them again and try to convert them into paying customers.

This is where remarketing comes in. Remarketing brings previous site visitors back to your site, so they can make or complete a purchase.

It involves showing them ads as they browse the web or Facebook, which are targeted or personalised to the customer’s previous interest in your products or services.

At The LAD, we love devising remarketing campaigns for clients and integrating them into a broader online marketing strategy. We offer a comprehensive remarketing management service - including the design of banner ads.

Remarketing Management includes:

Managed by a Google Professional

Your campaign will be managed by a Google Qualified Professional to maximise returns.

Analysing your business

Before we get to work, we will analyse your business and discuss your online advertising goals.

No lock-in contracts

The onus is on us to ensure your campaign generates sales!

Audience segmentation

Expert advice on and set-up of target audiences (eg. visitors who viewed a particular page or product).

Regular reporting of results

We send regular detailed reports via email (monthly or weekly - depending on your budget).

Banner ad design

Planning and custom design of banner ads in five sizes, so your campaign can display across the web, on all devices.

Conversion tracking

We will track what you consider 'a success' eg. online order, form enquiry, pdf download or phone call.

Remarketing optimisation

We have a number of tools and techniques at our disposal to optimise your campaign and maximise returns.

Website analysis & tailored advice

We will review your website and provide recommendations on ways to improve your conversion rate.

Personalised service

You'll receive a dedicated campaign manager you can contact via phone or email at any time.

Professional management from just $99 per month!

What is Remarketing?

Have you ever browsed a website, then left and seen a banner for that same site the next time you browsed the web? If you have, you were remarketed to.

When you visited that first site, a cookie was placed in your browser that then signalled to an ad platform to display a banner ad to you on the subsequent site you visited. Very cool.

Remarketing generates online sales by keeping your business front and centre and bringing "window shoppers" (people who visited your site, but didn't purchase) back when they're ready to buy. Every time the potential customer sees your retargeting ads, your brand gains traction and more recognition.

How Remarketing Works

First, a snippet of code (known as a remarketing or retargeting pixel) is placed on your website. The pixel collects anonymous visitor data including which pages the user visited, how long they spent on your site, and where they are in the world.

When people visit your website, the pixel will also drop an anonymous retargeting “cookie” in their browser. This cookie leaves a trail of crumbs as your previous site visitors surf online, so you can retarget them with display ads across the web even after they’ve left your site.

When users click on the banner ad that has recaptured their interest, they are taken back to your site or a promotions page, where they will hopefully place a purchase or make an enquiry.

Why Choose The LAD?

  • Google Certified Partner
  • All campaigns managed by 'Google Professionals'
  • 15 years experience
  • 100% results focussed

As a Google AdWords Certified Partner, we have the experience and knowledge to help maximise the effectiveness of your Google Remarketing or general retargeting campaign. All our campaigns are managed by Qualified AdWords Professionals.

Before choosing a campaign manager, we suggest reading Google's Advertiser Guide.

Boost your sales with tactical remarketing.

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