Google Workspace Services

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Google Workspace Services

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is Google’s productivity platform in the cloud, covering email, contacts, calendars, files, video conferencing and more.

Empower your team to:

  1. Save time and be more productive
  2. Access knowledge and share ideas via shared files and easy to use collaboration tools
  3. Work remotely - from any location and device
  4. Work more securely - with built-in security in every app

Google Workspace can fundamentally change the way your employees work. This can manifest into a cultural shift toward innovation - resulting in employees feeling empowered to rethink established processes and improve the business.

A chief of digital transformation in the financial services industry told Forrester, a leading market research firm:

Migrating to Google Workspace has enabled hundreds of initiatives in our organization. One of these initiatives has directly contributed to us achieving record sales year over year, and this is before even taking into consideration the productivity improvements we see from the collaboration tools.

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File Migration to Google Drive

Don't risk losing data. Engage The LAD to manage your migration.

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Need to Change Your Primary Domain?

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