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Facebook advertising Melbourne
Campaign Planning & Set-up: $979 incl. GST (once-off)
Monthly Management: From $198 incl. GST*
* Plus advertising budget

Facebook Advertising is one of the most targeted forms of advertising available today.

Facebook collects detailed information from their two billion monthly users - and invests heavily in third-party research to provide additional audience insights. This allows you to run incredibly targeted advertising that puts your brand message in front of thousands of people who match your target market.

There are a range of advertising options available. The best targeting options and ad formats for your business will depend on your industry and marketing goals. This is where we can help!

We provide a comprehensive Facebook advertising management service - from recommending an ad budget, selecting your target audience and creating the ads to on-going management and detailed reporting.

Facebook Advertising Management includes:

Managed by digital marketing specialists

Your campaign will be managed by marketing specialists to maximise returns.

Analysing your business

Before we get to work, we will analyse your business and discuss your online advertising goals.

No lock-in contracts

The onus is on us to ensure your campaign generates sales!

Audience selection

Expert advice on and selection of the target audience for your campaign.

Regular reporting of results

We send regular detailed reports via email (monthly or weekly - depending on your budget).

Advertising creative

Planning, custom design and copywriting of advertisements for your campaign.

Conversion tracking

We will track what you consider 'a success' eg. online order, form enquiry, pdf download or phone call.

Advertising optimisation

We have a number of tools and techniques at our disposal to optimise your campaign and maximise returns.

Landing page analysis & tailored advice

We will review your website and provide recommendations on ways to improve your conversion rate.

Personalised service

You'll receive a dedicated campaign manager you can contact via phone or email at any time.

Professional management from just $198 per month!

What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook ‘advertising’ is different from running a Facebook ‘page’. With Facebook advertising, you can have an ‘image and text’ (or even a video) ad appear in people’s Facebook newsfeeds. The ads can click through to your website, Facebook page or a lead form.

Facebook collects a lot of data from over two billion active monthly users. It also invests in data-sets and research from third-party providers. So there are many different audience filtering options to hone-in on your target market. This ensures only potential customers see your ads!

There are a range of ad formats including photo ads, video, carousel ads (show multiple images in a single advert), slideshows and collections (ideal for retailers to showcase products). Businesses of all kinds can use Facebook to be discovered, provide information, capture attention, show off products, collect leads and boost sales.

The ads can appear on all devices (computers, tablets and smartphones).

With over 65% of the Australian population on Facebook (as at Jan 2017), Facebook advertising is a powerful way to get in front of your target market (in your service area!), capture their attention and get results.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Low cost compared to other platforms

Click and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) costs are often well below $1, making Facebook advertising accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Granular audience targeting

Facebook has access to a heap of data on its 1.35 billion+ users. However, it doesn't stop there. Facebook also pays third-party research firms and data-providers for access to additional information useful in targeting ads (e.g. income, likelihood of buying property, credit card data).

Enormous audience reach - in Australia!

Over 16 million Australians are on Facebook (as at Jan 2017). Facebook advertising allows you to get front of potential customers - in your service area - very cost-effectively.

Measurable results

The beauty of online advertising is that everything is trackable - including visits to your site, form submissions, pdf downloads and even phone calls!

Why Choose The LAD?

  • We're digital marketing experts
  • Comprehensive reporting & conversion tracking
  • 17 years experience
  • 100% results focussed

We're a Google Premier Partner and offer over 17 years of online marketing experience. We can not only expertly manage your Facebook campaign, but can advise on your overall digital strategy - including website, landing pages, and other marketing mediums (e.g AdWords & SEO).

We're passionate about what we do and we're absolutely dedicated to helping our clients grow their businesses.

Boost your sales with targeted Facebook advertising.

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