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Outlined below are answers to some common questions about our eCommerce package.

What does it cost?

Custom development fee: $2,970 incl. GST (once-off)
Monthly fee : $11 incl. GST (added to iShowroom fee of $74.80)

Our eCommerce shopping carts can be connected to your existing website at anytime. If you don't have a website, we can design one for you - seeĀ iShowroom.

The initial development fee includes the entry of up to 20 products into the product database - with photos, prices and description. Additional products can be added via the secure Administration Panel, which allows real time updating of the product database by an untrained operator via a browser.

Some sample shopping carts that we have developed include:

How do I update product information?

Our shopping carts come with a customised Administration Panel to enable an authorised user to add/edit/delete all levels of the database including categories, sub-categories, product information, images and prices.

Using a Username and Password, an authorised aministrator can login to the Admin Panel and:

  • create a new product category
  • create a sub-category (if required)
  • add a new product including entering text descriptions, specifications and uploading images (thumbnails & larger versions)
  • make a product active or inactive. Only active products will appear on the site. For example, if a product became temporarily unavailable it could be marked inactive in the admin panel.
  • a product can be marked to appear on a Specials, New Products or Best Sellers page
  • add/delete photo photos
  • retrieve individual orders or view a history of orders between selected dates.

The Administration Panel will be completely customised to provide the ability to add/edit/delete ALL product information.

How are customer payments received?

All our shopping carts can be connected to a "real-time" payment gateway facility. Real-time processing means that money is automatically deducted from the purchaser's credit card and credited to your merchant account.

To accept credit cards online you must either:

1. Arrange a bank merchant facility with your bank. We can liaise with the bank on your behalf to connect the website to your bank's merchant gateway facility. There's no need to get involved with the technical issues - we'll handle it all for you!

2. Use an online payment gateway such as Paypal. This is our recommended option as there are no setup or monthly fees. However, you do pay a "per transaction" fee. Importantly, customers can pay using their credit card at PayPal - they don't need a PayPal account. Click here to learn more about PayPal Australia.

Connection to PayPal is included in the eCommerce shopping cart set-up fee. Connection to a bank merchant facility is via quotation, as each bank has its own system.

How do I know when an order has been placed?

When a customer posts an order, you will receive an email with the invoice number on it. You will then connect to your Order panel via a secure connection and call up the details stored in the database. You can then print this page and treat the purchase as you would a normal transaction in your store.

How will people find my site?

The main ways your customers will find your site is via your existing marketing and through the search engines.

If you add your web address to your stationery, your company vehicles etc, they can then look you up on the web. In short, wherever you put your phone number - put your web address!

We offer a range of online marketing services to enable people can find your site.

Let us help grow your business online.

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